Over the years there have been several advancements in technology that our industry and our company have been able to leverage. The use of digital cameras, mapping and sketching software, data retrieval and EDI transmission have enabled us to produce a higher quality product in less time. All these gained efficiencies have truly allowed us to maintain a competitive edge and greatly benefited all our clientele. Reports created now are produced faster with a greater degree of accuracy. We have constantly been ahead of the curve with our strides in technology and will continue to be a technology leader in our industry.

Our company has implemented eTrac, Appraisal Management software to provide our clients instant access to their appraisal orders. Our clients have the ability to order online, and check the status of their appraisal order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This system will help us keep you informed by automatically contacting you as we make updates to your order status. The ability to offer our clients online statements and instant appraisal downloads right from email is unprecedented in our service area. Our clients will no longer need to fax in orders, follow up with phone calls or wait for physical delivery of the report . These are just a few ways that our company can provide you with superior service.

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